Coping With Stress in Recovery During COVID-19

During these troubled times living life has a whole new meaning. We are in a strange territory; staying indoors for most of the day, not being able to meet with friends or family. All our norms and routines have been disrupted by this pandemic. For some, our ways of making a living have been taken away from us. Our lives we have put back together piece by piece have crumbled. This stress that has been brought on feels all too familiar but our coping skills have changed.

We have, thankfully, learned healthy ways to cope with such stress through our long-term treatment programs and/or our group therapy sessions. But most of us is well versed in our new sober lives and routines, maybe caught by surprise and forget to fall back on those healthy coping skills that have brought us to our successful life of recovery. Whether or not you have been directly affected by the coronavirus, a significant about of stress and fear has been brought everyone throughout the world, especially recovering addicts.

Many of us have relied on our supports and connections in the recovery community to get us through tough times and this pandemic has taken that away from us. One of the key steps in recovery is connecting with another addict and being there for one another, fellowship. Now that we are quarantined we are confined to minimal spaces and must not be in six feet of another person. It is the opposite of what most addicts do to get by in stressful times, to stay sober.

Coping With Stress in Recovery During COVID-19

A Rise in Relapses During the COVID-19 Pandemic

There have been many reports of relapse rising since the beginning of COVID-19. The increase of relapse has been due to addicts in recovery having their lifelines cut because of the lack of staying connected during these stressful times. Addicts are forgetting the basic skills they learned in dealing with stress and are resorting back to unhealthy coping mechanisms and self-medication. This is clear evidence that social support and networking are essential to maintaining sobriety when dealing with stress. All across social media, addicts in recovery have reached out with lists of things we can do when we are struggling from a distance.

This list includes the following suggestions:

  • Read recovery-oriented literature daily
  • Join Zoom 12 step meetings (and other virtual meetings, which happen daily)
  • Engage in healthy hobbies such as cooking
  • Journal your thoughts and feelings
  • Get creative – partake in arts and crafts
  • Call a friend or family member, don’t text
  • Exercise
  • Don’t forget to practice prayer and meditation daily
  • Do whatever you can to stay in the present moment

At Garden State Treatment Center, we understand how trying this time can be for those in addiction recovery. No matter if you are new to recovery or had a slipup and need to start fresh; Garden State Treatment Center wants you to know that we can deliver the highly individualized care our clients need for long term recovery no matter what phase of recovery you are in. Once this detailed assessment is complete, our staff works directly with the client to create a treatment plan that addresses their unique needs.

We are Here to Help

We, at Garden State Treatment Center, are always here to give guidance and support. We are here to guide and support you with the ultimate goal of lifelong recovery from the moment you step through our doors.

We are dedicated to offering continuous support, and helping you get through this tough time with the guidance that you both need and deserve. The most important thing you can expect from your Garden State Treatment Center Treatment experience is that you will emerge from it transformed, stable, and ready to begin a lifetime of recovery. For more resources or additional encouragement, give us a call today.