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Why Choose Intensive Outpatient Treatment at Garden State Treatment Center Wellness?

Although they usually share similar experiences, every addict and alcoholic are all different from one another in significant ways. One reason that some drug and alcohol treatment centers have been less effective than they could have been over the years is that they fail to embody this truth in their programming.

Fortunately, we do addiction treatment a little differently at Garden State Treatment Center. We assess each patient’s unique situation and needs so that we can deliver only the highly individualized care that leads to long term recovery. Our Intensive Outpatient Treatment, or IOP, is a big part of our individualized care.

Although similar in scope to our standard outpatient program, IOP offers clients a more holistic and comprehensive experience. It’s designed for clients who need a higher level of care. Typically, these are clients who’ve been through treatment before, or who have experienced chronic relapses. But whatever the reason, IOP at Garden State Treatment Center Wellness has proven highly effective in providing the tools and support this type of client needs for long term recovery.

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What to Expect at Garden State Treatment Center IOP

Most importantly, our IOP clients receive care that treats the entire person, not just the part of them that has suffered from addiction. The process begins with a detailed assessment of a client’s physical and mental health, along with a history of their substance abuse. The goal of IOP is to deliver each client the exact set of therapeutic tools that they need in a supportive environment.

The Magic of Recovery Begins at Garden State Treatment Center IOP

While enrolled in Garden State Treatment Center IOP, clients participate in individual and group therapy sessions, as well as in depth educational sessions that deal with relapse prevention and emotional sobriety.

Broadly speaking, the goals of our individual therapy sessions is to address the more intimate causes and conditions of a client’s addictive patterns. This can include trauma therapy, self esteem issues, and cognitive behavioral therapy that addresses an addict or alcoholic’s distorted thinking patterns.

Our group therapy sessions complement the individual sessions perfectly. They provide peer support, relapse prevention techniques, and help clients form the healthy bonds that so many of them lack when they come into our treatment programs. The group therapy sessions are also an ideal way to establish the long term connections that every addict needs for a satisfying recovery.

Taken together, these programs create a recovery foundation that never stops giving health, healing, and a feeling of belonging to our clients. Please contact us today to begin navigating the challenging yet wonderful road to recovery.

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