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Drug & Alcohol Rehab for Jersey City Residents

At Garden State Treatment Center, our focus is on the residents of Jersey City that are affected by addiction, along with other cities across New Jersey. Our team of clinical experts has decades of combined experience in treating drug abuse and alcoholism.

While it may feel like at times there is no hope left for yourself or a loved one, our addiction helpline for Jersey City residents is only a phone call away. We are a treatment center in Sparta, New Jersey, that often helps men, women, and families throughout the Jersey City area.

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Jersey City is located in the northeastern part of New Jersey in the heart of Hudson County. The city is home to the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and the Manhattan skyline. Amazing locations and structures like the Liberty State Park, Liberty Science Center, Hudson River walkway and the Central Railroad of the New Jersey Terminal are also found here.

Jersey City has one of the fastest growing populations in New Jersey, and with this population growth comes an increase in substance abuse. It’s all too common to hear about Jersey City drug busts leading to dozens of arrests as rival gangs control many sections of the city.

What is Addiction Treatment?

Alcohol and drug addiction treatment is aimed at helping men, women, and families stop the vicious cycle of substance abuse. Due to the chronic nature of drug addiction (which is usually complicated by relapses), short-term, one-time treatment programs are insufficient. Our approach focuses on a structured level of addiction therapy that is supervised to enhance sobriety. We teach our clients in a supportive environment the skills needed to stay sober in the real world.

Addiction treatment includes behavioral therapy (such as cognitive-behavioral therapy), individual counseling, sober support, or a combination of all these approaches. In our drug rehab for Jersey City residents, we individualize each treatment plan to fit the unique needs of the person we are helping.

Drug Treatment for the Jersey City Area

Those that abuse drugs and alcohol are twice as likely to suffer from mood or anxiety disorders when compared to the general population. People with a dual diagnosis often require an extra layer of treatment. Clients with co-occurring disorders should first receive an in-depth evaluation that considers their drug addiction problem and their mental health. With this, a unique and comprehensive treatment plan can be developed for the individual.

To help Jersey City, New Jersey, residents recover safely from chemical dependency and co-occurring disorders, our addiction treatment program offers behavioral therapies that are customized to each patient’s drug of choice, age, gender, and countless other factors.

Addiction Help for Jersey City Residents

Garden State Treatment Center provides evidence-based addiction treatment in a comfortable and safe facility that features constant supervision. Our outpatient and partial care treatment programs foster a strong relationship between clients and our team of experienced therapists. Our goal will always be to build a life of long-lasting and meaningful recovery for each individual. Unlike many New Jersey drug rehabs in the area, Garden State Treatment Center is JCAHO accredited to ensure our commitment to the highest level of patient care.

Our drug treatment programs for Jersey City residents include partial care and intensive outpatient treatment, individual and group therapy, counseling services, life skill training, relapse prevention programs, and long-term support amongst fellow addicts. With evidence-based therapies at our disposal, we are a leading New Jersey drug treatment provider. We offer our clients and their loved ones exceptional addiction treatment services that will help you heal and recover from addiction once and for all.

Addiction and Mental Health Disorders

Struggling with addiction is very difficult. It’s even more difficult when you’re diagnosed with a mental health disorder at the same time. This condition, referred to as a dual diagnosis, is a common challenge for individuals that abuse drugs and alcohol.

Drug addiction can lead to a series of psychological or emotional disorders, such as anxiety and depression. In many cases, mental health problems can worsen addiction and are the catalyst for substance abuse in the first place.

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