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Addiction Treatment for Paterson Residents

Drug and alcohol addiction can lead to devastating consequences, especially when it comes to your health, relationships, and finances. Heroin addicts in Northern New Jersey can easily spend hundreds of dollars per day on a heroin habit. To feed this addiction, many people turn to crime until they land in jails, institutions, or below ground.

There is a way to break this cycle and it starts with the decision to ask for help. Our addiction treatment programs for Paterson, NJ residents are uniquely designed to help addicts throughout New Jersey recover safely and easily. We are located in Sparta NJ and serve all of Northern New Jersey with our evidence-based addiction treatment.

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Substance abuse in Paterson, New Jersey is a troubling issue. This is supported by the high drug treatment admission rates in the city, which contribute to about 49% of the total admissions recorded in Passaic County in 2016. Over 52% of these admissions were due to heroin abuse.

As a result of this growing problem, Garden State Treatment Center has been helping Paterson area residents overcome addiction. Regardless of your socioeconomic status, gender, age, religion, or background history, we are ready to assist men and women throughout New Jersey with open arms.

Substance Abuse in Paterson NJ

The substance abuse crisis is seriously impacting Paterson and the surrounding communities. According to reports made by Times Herald-Record, Paterson is a drug trafficking hub from where heroin is distributed throughout Northern New Jersey. Countless drug raids have been conducted by local and state police, in coordination with federal authorities, but drugs continue to be easily accessible within the city.

Finding a drug rehab center around the Paterson area by yourself can be difficult. That’s why at Garden State Treatment Center, our addiction treatment programs are uniquely designed to help Paterson, NJ residents that want to focus on their recovery in a reputable rehabilitation center. As a JCAHO accredited facility, we exceed the highest standards of patient care in our substance abuse programs.

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Our addiction treatment programs for Paterson NJ residents include:

There are more and more people in Paterson that need professional addiction treatment but they don’t know where to start. Our personalized treatment plans are designed to meet the specific needs of every single client. The benefits of our addiction treatment programs for Paterson NJ residents include the following:

  • Our programs are offered in a safe environment that keeps clients away from drugs and alcohol.
  • We have a professional clinical team that will help you reduce the risk of complications.
  • Our addiction treatment programs are customized to align with your drug abuse history.

Addiction Treatment in New Jersey

Asking for help for with addiction can be a scary decision and step to take. However, our integrated therapeutic approach to addiction treatment is ready to transform you and keep you on the journey to long-term sobriety.

Contact us to speak with an addiction counselor to learn more about our comprehensive care that will help you achieve and maintain a satisfying recovery.

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