6 Signs You Might Need Addiction Treatment

If you think you need addiction treatment, then it’s probably a sign that it’s time to get help. Becoming addicted to a drug and needed it to function means that there is no turning back on your own, it’s almost impossible to stop without professional help.

Physical dependency signs are hot flashes, irritability, sweating, depression, anxiety, restlessness, diarrhea, and nausea. Once you notice these within hours of consuming your drug of choice, you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

You will no longer willingly be able to consume drugs or alcohol recreationally instead you are consuming so that you can feel what you believe is normal. It is not normal to be under the influence constantly, but once the body is dependent, withdrawal symptoms are imminent. Physical withdrawals can go from mild flu-like symptoms to severe stroke or seizures.

6 Signs You Might Need Addiction Treatment2

Have You Lost Interest in Responsibilities and Life?

To be able to keep your withdrawals at bay, you will find that not only your career and financial responsibilities will become less important to you, but your family and relationships will seem less important as well. The fact that you find yourself intoxicated and no longer interested in your hobbies or prior interest is a sign that you might need addiction treatment. If alcohol and drugs become the central focus of your life you won’t be able to find interest in anything other than the substance of your choice.

Have Your Appearance, Ethics, or Morals Changed?

Self-care will be out of the question when you are consuming alcohol or drugs. There will be a sudden loss of weight and possibly a contracted blood-borne disease. Once your addiction takes over your mind you will find that things you were against doing are now things you do regularly or even support. Your initial perspective on life, the morals, and ethics you grew up on will inexplicably change, and this is common.

Has Your Behavior Changed?

If there is a constant unexplainable and unpredictable change in your mood swings, this will be due to the stress of addiction. You will know when the amount of time you can go without consuming your substance of choice starts to become shorter. The persistent desperation that comes with the anxiety of having to find the next one will cause your mood swings. If unprovoked you seem to dramatically and suddenly react aggressively you are developing a sign of addiction. If you find you that you are resorting to committing crimes such as robbery to sustain your using, then you might consider this a sign of addiction.

Are You Withdrawn Emotionally and Socially?

If you find that you are missing out on family events because you are intoxicated and you don’t want them to find out, this is will cause you to become emotionally and socially withdrawn. The fact that your time will be filled with finding means and ways to use will cause you to become less concerned with maintaining your relationships.

Do You Lose Track of Time or Have Abnormal Sleeping Habits?

If you find that you cannot show up on time to your commitments and you cannot keep track of when you have your commitments, you are experiencing a sing of addiction. Whether it is due to insomnia from using stimulants or due to excessive sleep because of depressants, your sleep pattern will not be normal. Once you notice that you aren’t getting the reasonable eight hours of sleep each night that most people aim for you might be suffering from addiction.

It can be very difficult even for someone who is using to keep a sleep schedule that is consistent, but when it becomes chronic for someone using drugs or alcohol it might be time to seek treatment. The damages that will come from drug abuse to your sleep with consequently cause your general health to decline as well, as it is stated by the National Institute of Health.

People who are exposed to sleep loss usually experience a decline in cognitive performance and changes in mood. NIH

Addiction can truly destroy your sleep patterns, which affects everything you do in your life from A to Z. Getting adequate rest is essential to functioning properly and at your maximum output.

How Can Treatment at Garden State Treatment Center Help You?

Here at Garden State Treatment Center, we offer group therapy, individual addiction counseling, relapse prevention treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy, and 12-step addiction treatment. We will look at your health and your life to make an individualized treatment plan that fits your needs, and the safest route will be approached.

The medical staff will provide care that is around the clock. We are committed to an evidence-based treatment approach to be able to facilitate a long-term recovery for you. Take the first courageous step on the road to a healthy and happy life and call now for a confidential evaluation.