Treatment Programs

At Garden State Treatment Center Wellness, our drug and alcohol treatment programs are designed to address the entire range of our clients’ needs.

They’ve been proven to work again and again, largely because our clinicians ensure that our treatment modes remain flexible, evidence-based, and responsive to our clients’ constantly changing needs.

Outpatient Rehab in New Jersey

Keeping up with the Revolution in Addiction Treatment

Although it doesn’t hold true in every part of our culture, we are in the midst of an incredible revolution in how we view substance abuse and deliver addiction treatment. Slow but surely, we are leaving the “addiction as moral failing” model behind and entering a new and more rational era. This more compassionate era has been a long time coming, but it’s better late than never for thousands of suffering addicts and their families.

Garden State Treatment Center Wellness is proud to be a small part of these incredible advances. Our team of therapists and coordinators employ a wide range of cutting edge and conventional techniques that optimize our clients’ chances at a long term and rewarding recovery.

The word “rewarding” is important to us. We’ve learned from hard won experience that addicts and alcoholics must create a way of life that is satisfying and authentic to them if their recovery is to endure the difficulties that life always brings. An inauthentic recovery is temporary and unsatisfying at best.

Your First Step Toward Authentic Relief

Treating the Whole Person

We are absolutely committed to our clients’ long term success. We use a highly integrated therapeutic approach to help clients transform themselves from the inside out. Our addiction counselors employ a mix of individual and group therapies that are designed to address whatever recovery obstacles our clients present.

In addition to the individual and group therapies, our programs also address any co-occurring emotional or mental health disorders. They also encourage clients to explore any palatable spiritual avenues that might aid them in their recovery. Just as importantly, we help our clients establish connections with 12 step programs and other recovery resources they can access after they leave our facility.

No one sets out to become a drug addict or an alcoholic. Nor does anyone become addicted in a vacuum. There are always a complex set of internal and external circumstances that lead to substance abuse. With our compassionate blend of therapy, relapse prevention programs, and long term support, we deliver the comprehensive care that addicts and alcoholics need to achieve and maintain a truly satisfying recovery.