Are you searching for a UMR drug and alcohol treatment center for yourself or a loved one?

If you’re looking for a UMR drug rehab program, then Garden State Treatment Center is here to help. We have worked hand-in-hand with countless drug addicts that have UMR health insurance. As a UMR drug treatment center, our treatment plans are personalized to fit each unique situation we are faced with.

We are a JCAHO accredited facility, which means that the Joint Commission, after a thorough review, has decided we uphold the highest standard of addiction treatment and patient care.

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What is UMR Health Insurance?

United Medical Resources (also known as UMR) is the largest third-party administrator of health care plans in the country. It provides organizational and management services for self-funded firms, employers and state government. It is not an insurance company but a branch of UnitedHealthcare (one of the country’s largest insurers).

If you have UMR coverage, then it means your company is self-insured and has collaborated with UMR to administer policies and also process all payments that have to do with insurance claims. Garden State Treatment Center is usually takes UMR health insurance, but it’s best to contact us for free insurance verification.

Length of Addiction Treatment That UMR Will Cover

UMR health insurance companies are not expected to provide a specific duration of treatment. UMR understands that the length of private treatment is confidential and it’s dictated by the patient’s condition.

However, UMR encourages insurance companies to work with patients and drug addiction treatment specialists to come up with an ideal treatment length.

UMR Drug Alcohol Treatment Centers

It should be noted that UMR doesn’t offer treatment directly. However, it offers specialty treatment for drug addiction through its over 3000 providers nationwide. The addiction treatment coverage that UMR offers depends on the individual provider.

Garden State Treatment Center can help you take advantage of UMR insurance coverage by verifying your benefits, explaining the insurance verification process, and also helping you understand the treatment services that align with your condition.

If you have UMR coverage, we can go deeply into the specifics of your policy and then create the most suitable drug treatment program. We will carry out a thorough review of your health benefits and then identify the drug treatment options that are available to you.

We Are a UMR Drug Treatment Center You Can Count On

You’re a phone call away from getting the appropriate drug treatment services that will help you break free from drug addiction without financial constraints.

When you call us, we will verify your insurance coverage, shed more light on your options and also help you understand the treatment approach that you can take advantage of. Our mission is to offer a rehabilitation model that is effective and comprehensive enough to help you attain sobriety.

As a UMR drug treatment center, we offer many levels of care:

Contact us to learn more about UMR coverage for drug treatment and to also have access to a solution-focused New Jersey drug treatment program. Our addiction specialists are available around the clock to help men, women, and families affected by substance abuse.

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