What Drug Is Referred To As Roxy?

Roxicodone also referred to as roxies, roxys, and blues is the brand name for a drug known as oxycodone. It is a very powerful semi-synthetic opioid prescription pain killer. It is generally prescribed to treat and eliminate moderate to severe pain that non-opioid pain medications cannot manage. Roxy, or Roxicodone, is a schedule II drug.  Since it is manufactured to be an immediate release medication, it is a huge threat to abuse and addiction. The nickname of Roxy is a pretty obvious one as it is a shortened name for Roxicodone. The other most common nickname, blues, is also pretty obvious due to the color of the pill. 

How Does ‘Roxy’ Work?

Roxicodone works on the body by affecting the central nervous system. They attach themselves to the opioid receptors in the brain and the body and block your ability to feel pain. This can create a very powerful and euphoric sensation that is known as an opioid high. To be comparative to what Roxy’s are like, they are a purer form of heroin. Truly, the only real difference between the two is that Roxy’s are legal and heroin is not, but they both produce the same effect. 

What Drug Is Referred To As Roxy?

What to Expect When you Take Roxy’s?

Unfortunately, many doctors are notorious for overprescribing medications to people who only have minor aches and pains. However, it should only be prescribed to people with extreme or chronic pain. For example, someone who just had major surgery. Many medical professionals even believe and say that this medication is so incredibly powerful that it should only be prescribed to those dealing with advanced stages of life-threatening illnesses or diseases. 

Roxicodone comes with a very long list of side effects, so you should expect to experience at least a few of them, if not more. The side effects can include extreme dizziness, extreme drowsiness, mental confusion, abdominal pain, feelings of weakness, difficulty with breathing, rapid heartbeat, seizures, tremors, chest pains, memory loss, slurred speech, and something known as serotonin syndrome. This is a life-threatening condition that can develop if you mix Roxy’s with medications for depression. 

More About Roxy Abuse and Addiction

The potency and the fact that it is fast-acting makes this drug very popular for abuse and the development of addiction. Abuse of a drug occurs any time it is taken outside of the directions o the prescription. This means if you take more than prescribed, more often than prescribed, or ingest it any other way than prescribed, you are abusing it. 

There are only two avenues in which addiction to Roxy’s can occur. The first is if you are prescribed it by a doctor and become dependent on it. When dependence occurs, you will need to increase the amount you take to feel the same effects. Before you know it, you can become addicted and taking the drug even when you no longer need it. The second way is when you start out taking it without a prescription for recreational purposes. Many people buy these pills on the street and use them for the sole purpose of getting high. In this way, addiction is almost always the outcome. 

Roxy Treatment Plan at Garden State Treatment Center

A very serious and very real risk of Roxy abuse and addiction is the risk of an overdose. An overdose occurs when too much of the substance is in your system at one time to the point where your body can no longer handle it. The symptoms of a Roxy overdose include weakness, clammy skin, weak muscled, respiratory arrest, slowed or stopped heart rate, extreme sedation, loss of consciousness, coma, and death. 

If you or someone you love are struggling with a Roxy addiction, it is important to know that you need help. Don’t let your addiction go untreated, or it could cost you your life. Today is the best day to start your new life and journey, and we at Garden State Treatment Center can help you do it.