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Does Ritalin Change the Brain Function?

August 27th, 2021

Ritalin is used for people with ADHD, but what if you do not have ADHD and you take it. What happens to the brain of a normal person on it?

What Is the Strongest Anti-Anxiety Medication?

August 25th, 2021

If you or a loved one suffer from anxiety, moderate to severe you might want to know what is the strongest anti-anxiety medication.

What Is a Good Substitute for Benzodiazepines?

August 23rd, 2021

We have what you need if you have anxiety or an addiction to benzodiazepines and would like to like to substitute it with something else.

How Is Synthetic Marijuana Different from Natural Marijuana?

August 20th, 2021

Marijuana comes in two forms, there is synthetic and natural based marijuana. So what is different between the two?

Does Ritalin Make You Talkative?

August 18th, 2021

Ritalin is a stimulant drug and when taken illegally it can cause personality changes in you. Is one of them becoming more talkative?

How Do Drugs Enter the Brain?

August 16th, 2021

There are multiple ways you can take drugs, you can inject, snort, smoke, and swallow. How is it these drugs enter the brain?

Which Receptors Do Benzodiazepines Work On?

August 9th, 2021

Benzodiazepines are used to help people suffering from insomnia and anxiety. Benzo works on the GABA-A receptor which creates a calming effect.

How Dangerous is Smoking Crack?

August 4th, 2021

Crack cocaine has many adverse long-term and short-term side effects and just one time smoking it can have you addicted. It is very dangerous.

Why Does Marijuana Increase Your Appetite?

August 2nd, 2021

You are more than likely to have the munchies when you smoke marijuana, it is a known side effect. What is the reason?

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