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Family Involvement in Substance Abuse Treatment

When it comes to drug and alcohol addictions, these substance use disorders can have a drastic, negative impact on the lives of family members and loved ones of those who suffer. People often think that addiction only affected the addicted individual, but that’s not the case.

Substance abuse has been shown to have a very negative influence on an addict’s entire family. As a result of this, family therapy is a commonly sought out counseling program at Garden State Treatment Center. Family therapy is often used in substance abuse programs in New Jersey and across the country.

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Is Family Therapy Recommended in Addiction Treatment?

The National Institute on Drug Abuse and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommend the incorporation of family therapy into addiction treatment programs because it provides high-quality benefits with low associated costs.

At our outpatient and partial care treatment center in New Jersey, our family therapy program gives each participant the opportunity to express how their loved one’s substance abuse has affected their lives.

Family therapy takes place in a safe setting and is carefully conducted in a practical fashion by a licensed therapist. It’s important that the family effectively convey their thoughts and feelings without making the addicted loved one feel “attacked” which can have a negative impact in the therapy session.

Benefits of Family Therapy at Garden State Treatment Center

The benefits that participants in our addiction family therapy programs will experience can include:

  • Increase the awareness of the addict about their needs and behaviors.
  • Improve the mental and physical state of the family.
  • Provide self-care interventions for the family members thereby improving their well-being.
  • Improve communication and quality of relationships among family members.
  • Help family members better understand and avoid enabling behaviors.
  • Helps in addressing behaviors that may hinder recovery.

If you or a family member has been struggling with addiction, then it’s time to reach out for professional help. Our team of highly trained therapists has pulled hundreds of families like yours from the shackles of addiction. We will work with you to make a difference in your life and help improve your well-being. Contact our New Jersey drug rehab around the clock for a 100% confidential assessment.

Family Therapy Substance Abuse Program in Sparta, New Jersey

Our addiction family therapy in New Jersey helps addicts and alcoholics achieve recovery by enhancing the strengths of the entire family and reducing the influence that substance abuse has on family members.

During therapy sessions at Garden State Treatment Center, a therapist will interact with the family and discuss how they can develop problem-solving skills. Our experienced addiction therapists will also motivate the family to change their negative behaviors that could be enabling the addicted individual while ensuring that everyone is held accountable for their actions.

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