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Drug addiction is a serious issue that impacts millions of lives every year. Since the pandemic, we’ve seen a significant rise in drug-related deaths.

In New Jersey, there are thousands of people struggling with chemical dependency. Sadly, that includes many children and teenagers under the age of 15.

Luckily, being an addict isn’t the end of the world. There are countless organizations that can help drug users overcome chemical dependency.

These facilities can assist with rehabilitation and recovery. Because of that, drug addiction is no longer a death sentence.

So, if you’re looking for drug rehabs in Nutley NJ, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll walk you through what these facilities can offer you.

Plus, we’ll also go over some of the free facilities in the city.

The Drug Problem in Nutley NJ

Substance abuse is a fatal issue in New Jersey. According to the Office of the Attorney General, there were about 900 deaths in the past year.

These include citizens of all ages, races, and religious beliefs.

Besides that, two million New Jerseyans suffer from some form of chemical dependency. They’re addicted to substances like alcohol, heroin, and methamphetamines.

Plus, there are over one million citizens addicted to opioid prescriptions.

Fortunately, many rehab centers in the area can help out. These facilities specialize in treating drug addicts.

They’ll help them overcome addiction and unlearn bad habits.

Rehabilitation Centers in Nutley NJ Overview

Drug addiction can be debilitating for many reasons. For instance, using controlled substances can alter your brain chemistry.

It’ll overstimulate the pleasure centers in the brain and cause a sense of euphoria. Although, once the drug passes out of their system, the user will come crashing down.

Their body will no longer be able to function without the chemical in their system. So, the easiest way out of that is to take another dose of the drug.

However, this will send them spiraling down a dark rabbit hole. Over time, they’ll develop a dependency that’ll make leading normal lives next to impossible.

Because of that, drug users will neglect their personal health. Besides that, a drug habit can wreak havoc on your finances.

Luckily, drug rehab centers can help people climb out of the rabbit hole. They’ll use several techniques to ensure that users beat the habit.

Plus, they take extra care that the addicts don’t end up hurting themselves in the process.

Types of Drug Rehabs in Nutley NJ

There are several types of drug rehabs in Nutley NJ. Each one specializes in a different form of treatment.

So, before you choose a facility, it’s crucial that you understand what it can offer you. In this section, we’ll go over the types of organizations in the city.

1. Detoxification Rehabs

The majority of addicts struggle with getting clean. That’s because they may experience a violent withdrawal process.

As soon as the drug passes through their system, they’ll notice acute physical symptoms. This includes:

  • Tremors
  • Nausea
  • Migraines

Because of that, recovering from substance abuse disorders can be a tough challenge. Fortunately, detox centers can make the process much easier.

They’ll keep an eye on the addict and help make them feel comfortable until the drug leaves their system.

These facilities can assist people overcome addictions to drugs like:

  • Alcohol
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Opioids
  • Methamphetamines

2. Inpatient Rehabs

Some addicts need more care than others. They require constant watch to ensure they don’t relapse.

That’s when inpatient rehabs can come in handy. These organizations provide residential programs for addicts.

That means the user will stay at the facility for the entire treatment program. This will help them let go of bad habits and come to terms with their addictions.

3. Intensive Outpatient Rehabs

Intensive outpatient facilities allow addicts to get treatment on a part-time basis. They’ll spend the majority of their days in meetings and counseling sessions.

Then, by nightfall, patients will be able to return home to their normal lives. This is the ideal solution for an addict who can’t take an extended vacation.

That way, they can hold on to their jobs or school responsibilities.

4. Sober Living Homes

Substance abuse disorders can have tragic effects on familial bonds. Because of that, many addicts have nowhere to go after treatment.

In that case, they can choose to stay at sober living homes. These are organizations that specialize in after-care.

They’ll take in patients who just completed a treatment program at a rehab. Then, the facility will give them a place to sleep and continue their recovery journey.

During their stay, former addicts can develop new social skills. This will make rejoining society in the future much simpler.

5. Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Drug addiction and mental health disorders often occur together. One can trigger the other, which makes recovery that much harder.

That’s why dual-diagnosis treatment rehabs exist. These organizations focus on treating patients who suffer from both disorders.

They’ll come up with a recovery plan that addresses the two issues simultaneously. This may include talk therapy and medication.

Free Drug Rehabs in Nutley NJ

As we mentioned, drug addiction can take a toll on your finances. So, finding the funds for an expensive treatment plan isn’t always an option.

Thankfully, there are a few facilities that can treat you for free.

First off, there are state-funded rehabs. The government funds these facilities at no cost to the addicts.

Other than that, you may opt for non-profit rehabs. These are charity organizations that care about the city and want to help addicts get better.

Lastly, faith-based rehabs are religious groups that offer free treatment plans. A great example of this is the Salvation Army Rehab.

Wrapping Up

If you’re looking for drug rehabs in Nutley NJ, then you’re in luck. There are several types of facilities in the city that can help you overcome substance abuse.

These include detox programs, inpatient rehabs, and intensive outpatient facilities. All of them should be able to assist addicts.

Plus, there are sober living homes for former addicts who have nowhere to go.

Finally, there are a few types of free organizations in the city. These are state-funded, non-profit, and faith-based rehabs.

Published on: 2023-06-28
Updated on: 2024-02-06