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Many people struggle with prescription drug abuse, especially when the drug is originally prescribed for a medically necessary situation or when the drug is commonly prescribed making acquiring it very easy. Stimulants are especially popular prescription drugs that may be abused because, at least at first, they produce a sought-after high feeling. But drugs like Vyvanse can be dangerous and deadly when misused.

What Is Vyvanse (Lisdexamfetamine)?

Commonly prescribed to those suffering from ADHD as well as those with binge eating disorders, Lisdexamfetamine or Vyvanse is a Class II controlled substance. According to the DEA, this central nervous system stimulant has a high potential for physical dependence as well as a severe psychological need for the drug when misused. Off-label users that may abuse the drug might take Vyvanse to lose weight or in an attempt to increase focus or energy. Since Vyvanse is an effective stimulant, it has become a widely abused drug.

Symptoms of Vyvanse Abuse


As a Class II stimulant, Vyvanse abuse can turn into physical or psychological dependence, and the symptoms of Vyvanse abuse are initially based on the way a user acts or appears when they misuse the drug. Any use of the drug outside of using the drug as prescribed by a doctor is considered abuse. This includes crushing up Vyvanse tablets or emptying capsules with the intent of snorting or injecting the medication. Someone who is abusing Vyvanse will have similar symptoms to those who abuse other stimulants such as

  • Exhaustion
  • Fast heart rate
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Insomnia
  • Reduced or lack of appetite

Vyvanse Crash

Those who abuse Vyvanse by taking the drug in large doses or for long periods of time to create a high will experience what is known as a crash. Abusers who are crashing may experience

  • Agitation
  • Depression
  • Increased Appetite
  • Muscle Aches
  • Sleepiness

Signs That Someone Is Addicted to Vyvanse

When someone has become addicted to Vyvanse, they may be unable to stop taking the drug or cut down usage. They may also exhibit drug-seeking behaviors and increasingly hide their drug use and the quantity of the drug they are using. Those who are addicted to Vyvanse may continue to use the drug even though they are experiencing negative side effects or have to put themselves into dangerous situations to secure more of the drug or to use the drug. Addicted persons may take Vyvanse in larger doses than they had been initially prescribed or they may be using the drug repeatedly without ever being prescribed the drug. Another common sign that someone is addicted to Vyvanse is they may pull away from friends, family and other loved ones as well as from personal responsibilities like school or work.

Vyvanse Addiction Diagnosis

Chemical dependency is a determining factor for knowing if someone is addicted to Vyvanse. A hallmark of Vyvanse addiction is if a user is experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms when they are not taking Vyvanse. These intense feelings may also be accompanied by depression and anxiety in the user when they are between doses or when they attempt to reduce the amount or dose of the medication they are taking. Treatment centers and other medical professionals can help you understand if you or your loved one is addicted to this drug and may need help with their addiction and chemical abuse problem.

Effects of Short-Term Vyvanse Abuse

Short or long-term abuse of any drug can produce harmful effects on the user’s emotional, physical and psychological welfare. When someone has abused Vyvanse, their tolerance for the medication goes up and they need more and more to experience the Vyvanse high they feel when taking the drug. Short-term Vyvanse abuse may not be initially visible to family, friends and loved ones. Those who abuse Vyvanse may experience increased focus, concentration and a boost of energy in the same way that the drug successfully helps many who use but do not abuse the drug. But short-term abuse has hidden negative effects that can be detrimental to users as well as put them at grave risk. Abuse of Vyvanse for a short time can cause heart palpitations, irregular heartbeats, chronic high blood pressure as well as an elevated risk for heart attacks and strokes.

The initial positive mental improvements that a user may feel when first taking the drug may change over time since Vyvanse is created to directly affect brain chemistry. So, any short or long-term adverse effects of abusing the drug will only increase over time. These side effects, especially to the user’s mental and emotional health, can quickly shift to include depression and anxiety as the brain’s chemistry is affected by the use of Vyvanse.

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Long-Term Effects of Vyvanse Abuse

The side effects of long-term abuse of Vyvanse can quickly become critical for those who are addicted to the drug. Significant weight loss can occur as a result of reduced appetite and addicts may experience problems from sleep interruptions for extended periods of time. The grimmer long-term physical effects are cardiovascular in nature. Increased blood pressure and heart rate can lead to strokes, heart attacks and sudden death in long-term users. Psychological side effects for users who abuse Vyvanse over a long period of time also worsen, just like the physical side effects. Short-term changes like depression and anxiety can shift into more serious problems like mania, bipolar disorder and psychosis. Other symptoms of long-term abuse can be brain damage or loss of intelligence, angry outbursts, personality changes as well as organ failure resulting from the stimulant’s abuse.

Getting Help for Vyvanse Abuse

If you or someone you know is abusing Vyvanse, is suspected of misusing the drug or is addicted to Vyvanse, the experts at Garden State Treatment Center can help. Our professional team of addiction specialists can help you get the treatment you or your loved one needs to fight addiction or abuse of Vyvanse or other drugs. With a confidential evaluation of your situation, our addiction specialists can help determine how Garden State Treatment Center can help and we can assist you in your path to wellness. Reach out to our specialists today to talk to someone and get the answers you need to begin your journey away from addiction toward health.


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