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If you use drugs and come under the care of a medical professional, it is likely that the substances will be detected. This may cause great concern, especially if they are illegal items. You may be afraid that your doctor will report your behavior to the police. This can cause troubles with work and family. To avoid problems, it is helpful to understand what occurs when a doctor uncovers drugs in a person’s system.


Risks of Denying Drug Use

Any substance that enters a person’s body influences his or her health. If a doctor suspects improper drug usage, it is tempting for the patient to deny taking anything. However, this can be dangerous. Hiding the consumption of medication can make it impossible to deliver a proper diagnosis.

In dire emergencies, surgery may be a necessary part of treatment. Certain drugs cause harm to the liver, which affects the processing of anesthesia. Also, amphetamines raise heart rate and blood pressure. This can complicate surgical procedures as well. Many kinds of drugs cause depression, breathing difficulties, and racing pulse. Therefore, it is essential to list all drugs that are present in your system.

Medical Confidentiality

Doctors are made to honor a code of confidentiality with their patients. There are federal laws that prohibit medical professionals from reporting your drug misuse to the authorities. Also, it is unlawful to report this type of issue to an employer.

There are a few instances when a physician can share a patient’s medical records without written consent. First, a doctor must always comply with a court order. Also, a doctor must contact authorities when he or she thinks that a person may harm himself or herself.

Drug Misuse Effects on Insurance

When drugs are found in your system, you may be concerned about effects on your auto and health insurances. A doctor is not allowed to disclose these issues to either type of insurance provider. In fact, certain laws are made to help people receive assistance for negative drug habits. Some health insurance providers offer benefits that cover substance misuse treatment. This means that you should not worry about rate increases or canceled policies.

The Right Time to Discuss Drug Misuse with Your Physician

As soon as you admit that a drug misuse disorder exists, it is time to have a discussion with your doctor. Even if you are misusing prescription medication, you have a form of addiction that must be addressed. If you are having a medical issue, it is essential to disclose any type of drug that is in your system.

A medical professional will be able to correctly diagnose your condition and recommend the best type of treatment option. When you want to start on the road of recovery, a physician can bridge a connection with various resources, including counseling programs and more intensive therapies. There is not one simple solution for everyone, but help is always available. In most instances, your struggles remain private.


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Published on: 2023-01-31
Updated on: 2024-02-16