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The first necessary step to take after you or your loved one has decided to get help for a drug or alcohol addiction is to locate a professional drug treatment center that accepts your insurance. Garden State Treatment Center accepts all insurance plans that include behavioral health benefits. Fortunately, all insurance plans must comply with federal laws that require them to regard substance abuse and the treatment for it, as an urgent medical condition.

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Addiction treatment costs continue to rise and we believe this should not be a barrier for you or a loved one to get the rehabilitation that you deserve.  Every second in active addiction makes it more difficult to reach out for help s delaying the issue only makes the problem worse. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services:

The Affordable Care Act will provide one of the largest expansions of mental health and substance use disorder coverage in a generation. Beginning in 2014 under the law, all new small group and individual market plans will be required to cover ten Essential Health Benefit categories, including mental health and substance use disorder services, and will be required to cover them at parity with medical and surgical benefits…which requires group health plans and insurers that offer mental health and substance use disorder benefits to provide coverage that is comparable to coverage for general medical and surgical care. (USHHS)

The types of insurance plans that we accept include AmeriHealth Insurance. AmeriHealth Insurance is one of the largest insurance companies serving the east. We regularly work with their policies, and all of our treatment programs are covered with their plans. If you own an AmeriHealth insurance plan and are unsure about what benefits exist in your plan, connect with one of our online representatives and they will be able to verify and explain what your plan will cover, within a few minutes. If you’re searching for an AmeriHealth drug rehab program, you don’t need to look any further.

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The types of programs that we offer at our center are covered by health insurance and all utilize evidence-based types of therapy for lasting recovery from addiction. We offer Partial Care, Intensive Outpatient, Outpatient Rehab, Drug Treatment, Alcohol Treatment, and 12 Step Treatment. Our treatment programs are all tailored to meet each client’s needs. Every addict has a unique drug use history, as well as emotional and mental health needs. Our success rates are outstanding because we design a treatment plan that is modified per the client’s progress.

The types of therapy that we offer that assist our clients in making progress in their recovery include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Individual Counseling, Group Counseling, Family Therapy, Relapse Prevention, and programs for dual diagnosis. Each therapy group is overseen by our clinical staff, that includes psychiatrists, medical doctors, and mental health practitioners. Garden State Treatment Center is dedicated to helping you or your loved one realize that addiction is a manageable disease, and life can be fulfilling clean and sober.

To discover what type of insurance you have and what programs we recommend that your plan will pay for call one of our admission specialists. Within a few minutes, they can recommend an AmeriHealth drug treatment program, arrange coverage by your insurance and immediately start the admissions process.

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