BCBS Federal Drug Treatment Centers

Families with insurance coverage find it relieving to know that they can receive treatment at some of the best BCBS Federal Drug Treatment Centers without a large financial involvement on their part. At Garden State Treatment Center, we assist individuals that have Federal Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance to get their desired level of substance abuse treatment.

A Brief Background of the Federal BCBS Plans

The Federal Employee Program (FEP), was established in 1960 as a part of the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program (FEHBP). Also known as The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Service Plan, the FEP provides insurance benefits to more than 5.3 million federal workers, retirees and their loved ones.

Federal BCBS has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, and collaborates with the United States Office of Personnel Management to ascertain the most appropriate benefits and premium amounts for FEP policyholders. As one of the premium insurance providers in the United States, FEP provides coverage for about 66% of federal employees through the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program.

FEP provides coverage for a number of mental health disorders, including drug and alcohol addiction. To get more details about what treatment services are available to you, it is best to speak directly with a customer service representative.

Does Drug Rehab Take Federal BCBS Insurance?

Federal BCBS provides far-ranging coverage for drug and alcohol rehab. Regardless of your plan, you should expect substantial coverage for your treatment expenses. FEP BCBS offers members over a dozen health insurance plans to choose from, with each offering a different level of coverage from the next.

Before proceeding with treatment at any BCBS federal drug treatment center, you will ideally want to find out what services are covered as well as those excluded. Additionally, you may be required to be pre-certified prior to pursuing treatment before your coverage can take effect.

 What Types Of Drug Addiction Rehab Services Are Covered Under The Federal BCBS Plan?

Generally, you are covered for a wide array of BlueCross BlueShield federal drug treatment services ranging from office visitation and inpatient stays to outpatient rehab. Coverage varies based on your individual plan and on whether you use a preferred provider or a non-preferred provider.

Your FEP BCBS may provide coverage for the following services:

  • Medically-assisted detoxification
  • Residential rehab services
  • Outpatient rehab services
  • Individual/group counseling sessions

As opposed to other insurance providers, your BCBS Federal plan does not always require precertification before receiving treatment at the facility of your choice. Still, it is advisable to seek rehab care at an in-network provider in order to avoid paying a higher out-of-pocket expense. Nonetheless, clients who prefer receiving care at a preferred luxury facility can do so, although at a higher cost to themselves.

Take the Next Steps with Your BCBS Federal Plan

Here at Garden State Treatment Center, we work with FEP BCBS to ensure you receive the full benefits of your insurance policy. As a federal BCBS drug treatment center, we have a good working relationship with health insurance carriers and are skilled at verifying your insurance, providing you with a clearer picture of your benefits as well as any anticipated out-of-pocket cost.

We accept your FEP BCBS insurance at Garden State Treatment Center. With your treatment cost almost fully covered, you can concentrate on receiving the care you desperately need. Help is available round-the-clock. If you will like to learn more about how to get started with a treatment program of your choice or need help verifying your insurance, feel free to call our addiction helpline. You can be on your way to long-lasting recovery within moments of contacting us. Experience the freedom that comes with living a drug-free life today! Our FEP BCBS drug rehab center is waiting for your phone call.

Published on: 2019-05-27
Updated on: 2024-05-08