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Knowing how best to utilize your insurance plan when seeking treatment can help ease some of the apprehension experienced when a family member struggles with addiction. Individuals with an insurance policy can receive treatment at the facility of their choice without being overly concerned whether or not they can afford their desired level of service.

Due to the different levels of services offered at most NYSHIP drug rehab facilities, substance abuse treatment has become quite expensive. As a consequence, some individuals have delayed seeking medical help because they assume they may not be able to afford such services.

About The New York State Health Insurance Program

Also known as the Empire Plan, The New York State Health Insurance Plan (NYSHIP) came into existence in 1957 with the objective of giving New York State employees access to affordable world-class medical services. NYSHIP provides wide-ranging insurance coverage to over 1.2 million employees, retirees and their loved ones, both at the state and local government level.

Following its establishment, the organization extended its services to local government and school districts. With over 5 decades of offering superior insurance services, NYSHIP has positioned itself as one of the leading public employer health insurance programs in the United States. It is also interesting to note that over 800 local government agencies have chosen NYSHIP as their preferred insurance provider.

The Empire Plan provides as much coverage for substance abuse as it does for other medical conditions. More information about how NYSHIP works and how you can use your membership for substance abuse treatment can be found on the website. Useful information about your health insurance benefits as well as other valuable resources can also be found online. You can also speak directly with an NYSHIP representative by calling the number on your membership card.

Does NYSHIP Include Coverage For Drug And Alcohol Rehab?

The Empire Plan provides coverage for substance abuse treatment. The extent of benefits you will receive is to a large extent dependent on your chosen plan. It is always advisable to call the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Program prior to pursuing treatment at any mental healthcare or substance abuse treatment center. Even when a service is deemed a “medical necessity,” you may still require precertification before proceeding with such treatment. You can clear any doubts you have regarding your benefits by calling NYSHIP’s Clinical Referral Line. Their well-trained customer service representatives are available round-the-clock, every single day of the year.

What Types of Addiction Treatment are Covered Under NYSHIP?

Just like your standard Empire Plan, NYSHIP provides extensive coverage for drug and alcohol rehab. Depending on your particular plan, you can expect full or partial coverage for the following rehab services, so long as they are determined to be medical necessities:

Partial care rehab services: Any inpatient stay at an NYSHIP drug treatment center is covered in full. On the other hand, you will be responsible for a 10 percent coinsurance of your medical expenses, up to the allowable maximum of your combined annual coinsurance. Your benefits come into effects as soon as you have met your combined annual coinsurance maximum. Give us a call and we will run a full health insurance benefits check on your behalf.

Outpatient rehab services: Outpatient addiction treatment offers more freedom and less structured and is usually offered by NYSHIP addiction treatment programs. Outpatient therapy is a great option if you’ve finished a higher level of care or are not struggling with chronic substance abuse.

Family Counseling Program: Addiction affects the entire family one way or the other. Recognizing this fact, the Empire Plan provides coverage for up to twenty family counseling sessions per year.

Prescription Pills: Medication received as part of a rehab program stay or partial hospitalization program are sometimes part of medication-assisted treatment at NYSHIP drug rehab facilities.

Your NYSHIP Can Give You Access to The Type Of Rehab Care You Desire

At Garden State Treatment Center, we strive to make your recovery as seamless as possible. Our priority is to get you started on the road to sobriety without any challenges along the way.

If speaking with your insurance company makes you feel apprehensive, then you can simply allow our verification department to take that responsibility off you. While a review of your insurance is underway, you are still able to discuss your treatment options with our caring admission officers and have a program customized to fit your taste and preference.

If you or a loved one have one of the NYSHIP plans, then you really have no reason to delay treatment. You do not deserve to spend one more day under the grips of addiction. Do not sit back and assume that substance abuse treatment is simply beyond your reach.

Addiction is a grave disorder that progresses over time, and any attempt to delay treatment will be counter-productive. Call us today to learn more about how to use your health insurance to get the help you deserve at our NYSHIP drug and alcohol rehab center.

Published on: 2019-05-22
Updated on: 2024-05-08