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Many people may have found some sort of relief from drinking alcohol after a long day at work to unwind or use it as a way to socialize at first, but alcohol consumption can quickly lead to alcohol abuse that can cause some real damage to your body. Alcohol abuse and alcoholism is a very serious disease that causes many psychological and physiological effects and it affects a lot more people than you might think. The National Institute of Health reports that nearly 15 million adults suffer from alcohol use disorder or alcohol abuse, and around 88,000 people die every year from alcohol-related deaths.

Chronic Alcohol Abuse is VERY Unhealthy

People that live deal with alcohol abuse do not live nice, healthy lives. They suffer tremendously as a result of their excessive drinking and do some serious damage to their organs. What may have started as a fun time drinking at the end of the day can quickly spiral into binge drinking and alcohol abuse if you are not careful.

What Organs Does Alcohol Abuse Damage?

The Organs Most Affected by Alcohol Abuse

The brain – Alcohol affects the brain because it has a way of interfering with the communication pathways in the brain. It is vital for a person’s thoughts, behaviors, and memory. Alcohol abuse can impair cognitive function to a serious point. When a person is that far gone in alcohol abuse, it can cause what is known as a wet brain. Memory and cognition start to go away and it can take years to get your brain to normal again if a person decides to get sober.

The liver – This organ is responsible for breaking down fats in the body and making healthy proteins it needs to function. It is the body’s filtration system and makes the energy your body needs to keep going. When a person abuses alcohol, it can lead to severe strain and even hardening of the liver that is called cirrhosis.

The Heart – People who abuse alcohol are much more likely to experience heart problems than those who do not drink. The heart’s job is to pump blood throughout your body and you will not be able to function properly if this is not done. Drinking alcohol in excess can enlarge the heart vessels, cause an irregular heartbeat, cause high blood pressure, and even cause blood clots that lead to a stroke.

The Kidneys – The kidneys also act as a filter for harmful substances in the blood. Alcohol can cause damage and changes in their function, making them able to filter these substances from the blood.

The Pancreas – This organ breaks down food after it leaves your stomach. When your body becomes overloaded with sugar that is in most alcoholic drinks, it overwhelms the pancreas and leads to inflammation, also called pancreatitis.

Get the Help You Need for Alcoholism

If the physical harm that alcohol abuse does to your organs is enough to help you decide you should put down the bottle, know that there is help available to you, and getting off booze does not have to be done alone. At Garden State Treatment Center, we can give you the tools you need to live a happy and fulfilled life while sober.

You will also see the mental and physical benefits of living alcohol-free. Many people do not realize how different they will be when they put down the bottle. Not only will you physically feel and look healthier, but you will also have more mental clarity and have better mental health, regain financial freedom after spending all of your hard-earned money on alcohol, and even be able to regain your loved ones back that you lost as a result of your alcohol abuse. Drinking heavily can quickly spiral into abuse and alcoholism before you even know it. If you take a chance at living a sober life, you will see the benefits to your health and life altogether.

Published on: 2021-03-24
Updated on: 2024-02-16