Is Drinking a Daily Glass of Wine Good for You?

Men and women across the world have been enjoying wine for thousands of years. This alcoholic drink made from the fermented juice of many varieties of grape has been consumed since as early as 7000 BC. For as long as it has been consumed, individuals have been documenting evidence that the beverage does have numerous health benefits – when consumed in moderation. A recent article published by Healthline explains the health benefits associated with consuming one glass of wine daily.

Wine is very rich in antioxidants – compounds that combat inflammation and prevent irreversible cellular damage. Antioxidants also help combat oxidative stress, which is caused by free radicals. It has been repeatedly found that red wine has more health benefits than white wine. In short, yes – drinking a daily glass of wine can be good for you. Unless, of course, you struggle with alcoholism, then it’s a gateway to more drinking.

Is Drinking a Daily Glass of Wine Good for You?

Making a Case for Alcohol Consumption

Here’s where things get tricky – if an individual who has been struggling with alcohol addiction hears that wine has health benefits, he or she is liable to take this information and run with it. Individuals who struggle with a substance abuse disorder of any kind often look for any excuse to continue using. They might even heavily research the subject and present their loved ones with an array of facts like this one as soon as they express concern. For example, a conversation between an individual who has been abusing alcohol and his or her spouse might go something like this:

“Honey, I wanted to talk to you about the amount of wine you’ve been drinking recently. I am slightly concerned… I’ve noticed some slightly disconcerting changes.”

“Well dear, I’ve been drinking so much wine because it’s so good for you. Researchers say that drinking wine every day helps keep you looking young and feeling healthy!”

Of course, this is a slight dramatization – but you get the picture. If you are concerned about a loved one and you express this concern, they might attempt to deflect the situation by reminding you how healthy wine is, and making a wide range of other similar excuses. In short, an individual who is suffering at the hands of an alcohol abuse disorder will almost always make a case for drinking.

Moderation vs. Excess When it Comes to Drinking

There is a very important distinction to be made between moderation and excess. While drinking one glass of wine a day might be healthy, drinking in moderation is extremely difficult (if not impossible) for someone who has been struggling with alcoholism. One of the predominant symptoms of alcoholism is drinking to excess – being unable to control the amount that is consumed during one sitting.

When it comes to alcoholism, it is essentially like the individual is completely out of control as soon as the seal is broken. The moment the first drink is consumed, all bets are off. There is a good chance that the concept of “moderation” has flown out the window completely. Ask yourself honestly, “Am I having one glass of wine a day? Or am I simply making excuses and attempting to trick myself into thinking that drinking a bottle or more of wine a night is healthy behavior?” Denial can be tricky to recognize, but there is no question that denial is a telltale sign of an alcohol abuse disorder.

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