Tips for Business Owners in Addiction Recovery

Addiction and alcoholism affect every kind of person from every walk of life. It does not discriminate and does not care what color, religion, background, societal status, or job you have. Business owners are not exempt from batting with addiction and alcoholism either. The good thing is, just because you are in recovery from an addiction does not mean you cannot achieve financial success.

Sober Business Owners Are a Step Ahead of the Competition

The world of business is a very demanding place between long hours, networking, and the constant demands to execute at the highest levels at all times. Many business owners turn to alcohol and drugs either as a means to escape from the pressure or as a way to “improve” their work performance.

Tips for Business Owners in Recovery

Support and Guidance for Business Owners in Recovery

When you are in recovery while a business owner, it is very important to stay on top of your sobriety and recovery. The stresses of being a business owner do not just go away after you get sober and you now have to find new ways to cope with it. The drugs may have been your way of coping before you turned your life around, but they cannot be your way of coping anymore. Below are some tips for business owners who are in recovery.

Take the time to identify your triggers – To best combat a relapse while in recovery, it is best to understand what triggered you to use before you got sober. Whether it is certain people, places, things, tasks, or situations, as well as any internal triggers of yours like certain feelings, thoughts, or emotions it is best to identify them all. Once you have pinpointed your biggest triggers you can prepare a plan of action for when they occur or how to best avoid them.

Do your best to avoid old habits and routines – As the old saying goes, if you hang around the barbershop long enough you’re going to get your hair cut. The same is true with drugs and alcohol. If you quit using your drug or drink of choice but continue to keep your same routine, hang around the same places and people, or don’t make any changes in your surroundings you will be making it much easier on yourself to slip right back into your old habits. While it may seem like common sense not to hang out with old drinking and drugging buddies when you are in recovery, not everyone makes the enlightened choice to stay away from them.

Try practicing healthy living habits – When you chronically misuse alcohol and/or drugs, you are putting a major toll on your body both physically and emotionally. Now that you are in recovery, it is important to prioritize self-care so that you do not become overwhelmed all over again as a business owner. You should try things like exercising regularly, taking time for your hobbies that you enjoy, eating healthy and well-balanced meals, getting quality and restful sleep, and practicing relaxation techniques. All of these things combined will allow you to feel healthier and more energetic throughout the day and they can be used as ways to manage the stress of being a business owner.

Find healthy ways of dealing with day-to-day stress – Dealing with stress while in recovery and as a business owner is vitally important. You used to use drugs and alcohol as a way to de-stress from many different situations as a business owner, not you need to find new and healthy ways to manage your stress. You can use daily exercise as a way to get rid of stress. You can also try daily meditation or utilize your meetings in recovery to try and be stress-free. Remember, just because you are in recovery, does not mean the stress of life won’t continue to happen.